The Invisible Business Woman

The Invisible Woman

A Very Visible Contribution!

We all know them. The woman who helps her husband in the local shop. The wife of the guy who mows the lawn. The farmer’s wife. The doctor’s wife who’s also his receptionist. The plumber’s wife. The musician’s wife who supports his passion. Women have generally always helped and supported their husbands or partner’s entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations, and often for little or no wages.

The invisible business woman is the wife or partner who helps in their family business. In Australia alone these women contribute millions of (often) unpaid hours per week to the SME sector and the economy. And due to a lack of advocacy the contribution made by these women has gone virtually unrecognised for over 200 years.

The Cumulative Contribution

Many ABCs we’ve spoken to contribute a few hours a day to their family business. That being the case, it’s easy to imagine there could be well over 2 million hours of free or cheap labour being pumped into the SME sector this week!

And even if we halve those numbers it’s still around 1 million hours a week pouring into the SME sector: all from a community of business women who are remain officially unrecognised after over 200 years of service.

Considering the enormity of the contribution that’s just plain wrong, especially considering how lack of appreciation, recognition and support is disempowering, and can lead to feelings of frustration, exploitation, isolation, a sense of lack of achievement, and even low self-esteem. Add that to that the effects of isolation in a SOHO situation and you have a surefire recipe for unhappiness.

Appreciation Through Recognition And Support

It’s well overdue for the ABC community contribution to be recognised. We also believe it’s time the wider community be given the opportunity to undertsand and appreciate the massive cumulative contribution women who support their family business make to the economy.

We’re committed to helping local ABC communities develop their own unique voice and carve out their own space within SME sector.

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