Morning tea for wives of small business operators 02/09/14 #The Entrance #CentralCoast #event

Chatuccino, a fun and friendly morning tea and get-together for ABCs, held is various locations.

Chatuccino Morning Tea for small business owners in The Entrance and surrounding areas, Tues 2th September, 10am  #chatuccino

Chatuccino, hosted by Gaye Crispinis a where wives and life-partners who help in their family business can meet and connect in a casual, friendly and supportive environment, and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.

So if you’re a supporting wife or life-partner who helps in your family business why not come along. Your first coffee is FREE and all Chatuccinos are child-friendly.



10 am to 11.30am

Tuesday, 2nd September

‘Coffee Plus’

The Entrance Diggers

315 The Entrance Road, The Entrance NSW 2261



Not sure if you’re an ABC? Check here

If you have any questions please contact us on: 0408 445 960

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About Australian Business Champions

Australian Business Champions is an advocacy group dedicated to supporting the SME sector by raising the profile of the women who work behind the scenes in their family business (ABCs).

We believe it’s simply not acceptable that the oldest and largest group of business women in this country continues to remain invisible, unrecognised, unsupported and nameless. And we believe it’s time to make it right!

Through information, education, advocacy and service, we seek to raise awareness of the essential role Australian Business Champions play in small business the SME sector, and the major contribution they make to the economy.


Our Aim

To achieve appreciation through recognition for the enormous contribution supporting wives and life-partners of SME business operators make to the the SME sector and the Australian economy.


Our Mission

To in all ways champion, promote, support and empower the wives and life-partners who work behind-the-scenes in their family business.

Contact us on: 0408 445 960

Register as an Australian Business Champion (ABC) here

Not sure if you’re an ABC? Check here


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