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Chatuccino: Small business owners morning tea in Western Sydney, Tues 7th May #chatuccino

Chatuccino, a fun and friendly morning tea and get-together for ABCs, held is various locations.

Chatuccino Morning Tea for small business owners in Western Sydney, Tues 7th May  #chatuccino

Chatuccino is a fun, friendly, casual and complimentary morning tea and get together supporting the small business sector by supporting wives and life-partners who help in their family business.

Chatuccino, hosted by Gaye Crispin and Australian Business Champions, encourages a casual and comfortable dress code.

If you’re a supporting wife or life-partner who helps in your family business it’s FREE for you to attend, just register here first. And for those with small children, Chatuccinos are child-friendly.


Our Next Chatuccino

10 am to 11.30am

Tuesday, 7th May

The Coffee Shop

Bunnings Warehouse

Cnr Old Windsor Road and Abbott Road,  Baulkham Hills, Sydney

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If you have any questions please contact us on: 0408 445 960




About Australian Business Champions

Australian Business Champions is an advocacy group dedicated to supporting the SME sector by raising the profile of the women who work behind the scenes in their family business (ABCs).

We believe it’s simply not acceptable that the oldest and largest group of business women in this country continue to remain invisible, unrecognised, unsupported and nameless, and we believe it’s time to make it right.

Through information, education, advocacy and service, we seek to raise awareness of the essential role Australian Business Champions play in small business the SME sector, and the major contribution they make to the economy.


Our Aim

To achieve appreciation through recognition for the enormous contribution supporting wives and life-partners of SME business operators make to the the SME sector and the Australian economy.


Our Mission

To in all ways champion, promote, support and empower the wives and life-partners who work behind-the-scenes in their family business.


Contact us on: 0408 445 960

If you’re an ABC register as an ABC here

Not sure if you’re an ABC? Check here

On Business Success by @GayeCrispin #ABCCommunity

Formula For Business Success

Running a business without a business plan is like driving a car blindfolded! You just wouldn’t do it. Like learning to drive well, there is a formula for growing a successful business. This formula does not change according to the size of the business. It is true for every business,…

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The ABC Contribution

Australian Business Champions

Australian Business Champions (ABCs) are the true unsung heroes and champions of the small business sector.

Their contribution is astronomical, pumping millions of hours of free or cheap labour into the SME sector every year. All this despite the fact they receive no recognition, support, acknowledgement or public appreciation from the very governments, big business and private sector their contribution supports.

With over 2 million small businesses in Australia, it’s been estimated there could be as many as 850,000 ABCs nationally. Most are women, and most help their family business in one way or another. We’ve surveyed many ABCs trying to understand the main ways they contribute to their family business. The result – it seems there are as many ways of being an ABC as there are ABCs!

Some ABCs work as Jill-Of-All-Trades in their family business, while also providing support and encouragment to their spouse or life-partner. Some ABCs contribute full-time hours for little or no wages. Others don’t work directly in the family business, choosing instead to take on more household and family duties, freeing their spouses time to conduct more business. We’ve spoken to other ABCs who don’t work directly in their family business, choosing instead to take outside employment which generates revenue which helps support their family during the fledgling years of starting a small business.

The SME sector leans heavily on the hundreds of thousands of ABCs who pour millions of free labour hours into the Australian economy every week. Without those free hours the wheels would probably fall off our economy. We believe that a contribution of this size demands recogniton, support, a title and even a national celebration day. And we are committted to achieving those, but we’re going to need help!

If you’re an ABC this is how you can help - Register today as an ABC (it’s free) and you’ll be adding your voice to the call for recognition and support of this vital, vibrant, diverse and essential group business women, because…

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Business Tools and Support For ABCs

ABC Business Support

Australian Business Champions is a social enterprise that committed to supporting the small businesses and SME sector. We’re committed to helping small business owners grow their business, increase their networks and connections, stay informed, save money, and improve their marketing and sales. There are around 2 million small businesses in…

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