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Founder and CEO Australian Business Champions

Founder and CEO
Australian Business Champions

Gaye Crispin, the Founder of Australian Business Champions (ABCs), is the driving force behind the plan to achieve national (and untimately global) recognition as ‘Business Women’ for the spouses and life-partners who work behind-the-scenes in their family business and are committed to the success of their family enterprise.

A Sydney-based business strategist, sales trainer, marketing wizz, blogger, business owner and social entrepreneur, Gaye has owned and operated over a dozen businesses over the past 30 years. She owned her first 3 businesses before she was 25 and is well aware of the many challenges small business owners can face on any given day.

Besides being fully committed to seeing Australian Business Champions (ABCs) recognised as business women, Gaye also works behind-the-scenes in her family’s debt collection and credit management agency.

Gaye says: “I’m a passionate advocate for full recognition of ABCs as business women. The ABC story is one of the greatest hero stories in the small business history of this country. Women who help in their family business may well comprise the largest group of business women in this country, with estimates of 850,000+ ABCs Australia-wide. Despite the fact that we all know they exist, the ABC role continues to remain invisible to governments, big business and the wider community, with no business title or official status until now, with us.

Our organisation’s main objective is to achieve national recognition for, and appreciation of, the ABC role, and the massive contribution they make to their family business, local business community, the SME sector and the economy. Without the millions of free ‘manhours’ ABCs pour into the SME sector every week the wheels would probably fall off our economy! 

Our aim is real recognition and appreciation by governments and big business for this enormous contribution – a recognition and appreciation that translates into useful and practical support for ABCs when they are trying to deal with the many demands of small business, or the unique challenges which face couples who both live and work together.

There are a large number of ABCs needing support, and it’s growing because every time a spouse or life-partner takes on a contract, buys a business, or starts a new enterprise, an ABC is born!

With the continued trend of downsizing and outsourcing by both governments and the private sector, more ABCs appear on the horizon every day. And that’s a good thing. They are needed, and often essential to the very viablilty of the businesses they share ownership of. Many small businesses simply couldn’t survive if it weren’t for the contribution a wife or life-partner makes to it, often working for little or no money in the business, or taking outside employment to subsidise the family business.

The need for ABCs to have their own community has been obvious to me for quite a few years now, and we now have the foundations in place where we can begin to provide practical and useful support for the ABC community.

We are committed to advancing and championing ABCs: putting people before profit: listening to our community’s needs: empowering and supporting our members in practical and useful ways: and working collaboratively with other groups and organisations already delivering support to the SME sector. 

If you would like to discuss different ways you or your organisation could get involved in supporting the ABC community please send us an email or pick up the phone and call us. We’re very happy to discuss any ideas you may have about ways in which your organisation can connect with and help the ABC community.”

For more information on us, the ABC community, or to discuss ways to get involved please email Gaye Crispin via gaye@abccommunity.com.au or phone 0408 445 960


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