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Are You An ABC? Are You An Australian Business Champion?


Are You An ABC? Take The Quiz.1) Are you the supporting life-partner or spouse of the owner or operator of a small or medium sized business?   (For example: your spouse or life-partner may be a builder, web designer, farmer, plumber, accountant, solicitor, concreter, gardener, painter, doctor, electrician, manufacturer, retailer, truck driver or tool maker).

2) Do you help in your family business, or have you had to learn to become a Jill-Of-All-Trades and master multi-tasker, who contributes time to the family business alongside taking care of the home?

3) Do you take care of any of the office administration in your family business such as answering the phone, preparing quotes, attending to BAS, GST, MYOB, banking, bill paying or purchasing supplies?

4) Do you ever contribute marketing, advertising or business promotion ideas to your business?

5) Do you ever get involved purchasing decisions for your business, or sourcing business finance, phone and internet plans, or vehicle or equipment finance deals for your family business?

6) Do you ever get involved in chasing up overdue accounts, or act as debt collector for your family business by mail, email or over the phone?

7) Does your business operate from your home?

8) Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of women in Australia, with your shoulder to grindstone, totally dedicated to doing whatever is needed to support your family, and help your family business succeed?

9) Do you ever need to take on extra domestic or family responsibilities because your family business consumes most of your husband or partner’s time?

10) Have you ever taken outside employment to help fund your household while your husband or partner was building your family business?


If you answered yes to any of the above then you’re an Australian Business Champion and we invite you to join the ABC Community – an organisation dedicated to celebrating and recognising you, your contribution, and the vital role you play in driving the Australian economy. 

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