The ABC Contribution

Australian Business Champions (ABCs) make an astronomical contribution to the economy, pumping millions of free or cheap labour hours into the SME sector every year. As invisible business women, ABC’s receive no recognition, support, acknowledgement or public appreciation from governments, big business or the private sector for this massive  contribution.

With possibly over 850,000 ABCs nationally, the business sector relies heavily upon the millions of free labour hours we pour into the Australian economy every week.

This contribution deserves to be recognised, supported and celebrated..

…and that’s what we are committed to achieving!

If you’re an ABC register here (it’s free) and add your voice to the call for recognition and support for a vital, diverse and essential group of business women.

If you’re not an ABC but would like to add your voice to the roll of supporters for ABC recognition, register here…'s time to make it right...

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